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Successful projects begin with a research discovery phase to properly orient our analysts. From there, we utilize primary data gathered either by our team or by the client and analyze it extensively. Once clients confirm the direction of the project at a midpoint deliverable, NCG will typically make comprehensive strategic recommendations at the end of the engagement. All project materials are delivered and become the client's property.

While these are our main areas of interest and expertise, we are always enthusiastic about new opportunities in different areas. Refer to our work portfolio below to learn more, and please feel free to contact us with any questions.


Frequently Asked Questions

Nexecon has two guaranteed project cycles each year. Projects typically begin in late September during the Fall semester, and in late January during the Winter semester. Based on member availability, Nexecon may also offer a limited number of Summer projects that begin in late May. Project engagements typically last 12 weeks, but this timeline can vary slightly based on each project's unique requirements.

Please contact our Vice President of Client Acquisition, Minnie Sun, at with information about your company and the business problem(s) it faces. From there, we will work with you to develop a scope proposal for the project, and to determine how our organization will deliver the desired result. If you would like to be considered for a project for the Fall Semester, you must contact us prior to August 15th. For the Winter semester, you must contact us prior to January 15th.

We take client privacy very seriously. Prior to each project, all team members are required to sign a NDA with their client. All sensitive information released to our teams is carefully tracked, and is only released to members who require access to it. Digital information is safely erased, and physical information is destroyed after each project's completion.

Project teams consist of one project manager, three to five business analysts, and one senior project advisor. Typically, each project has a midpoint presentation where the progress of the project is communicated to the client, and the client has the opportunity to make adjustments to the project scope. All work is delivered in a final presentation at the end of the semester.

The Vice President of Client Acquisition is the primary point of contact for the client sourcing and scoping phase. Once the project kicks off, the project manager serves as the primary point of contact via email and weekly client calls.

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